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Clutch Release Bearing 360708K3 For Lada

Clutch Release Bearing 360708K3 For Lada

Model: Lada
Manufacturer Part NO.: LZ-8182
Warranty: 1 Year or 50000 KM
Reference OEM: 360708K3

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1. Clutch Release Bearing 360708K3 for Lada

2. Item specifics:



Manufacturer Part NO.:


Delivery Time:

30 Days


1 Year or 50000 KM



Port of shipment:

Shanghai or Ningbo Port, China


Neutral or TNF Box, Customers’ designed box

Reference OEM:


3. Delivery

Before the contract is placed, the Payment, LASER MARK, plastic bag, box, sticker, carton, carton mark, pallet should be discussed into details. After the order is placed, the products must be manufactured as description. Best quality with acceptable price is our service for all customers. as the deadline is coming, after the payment, the packed goods would be sent to the right place.

4. Advantages

Best prices can be offered due to the quality and quantity.

Best service is provided all the time.

Small orders can be accepted.

Best solutions can be suggested for problems.

5. Knowledge

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